Established in 1950, The Reno Room was a favorite watering hole for Naval Officers, Longshoremen as well as poet, Charles Bukowski, who embraced the dark seclusion and the ‘no questions asked’ atmosphere of the vintage Reno Room experience.

Locals from back in the day have many stories of Charles Bukowski. “They used to call him 'Chuck'." “He used to play pool on the (then) notoriously warped pool tables”. "The felt was so worn that the balls would take what we called the 'Reno Roll'." The legendary tables are still in place today. However, the 'Reno Roll' has long since been resolved.

The building which holds The Reno Room was originally a bank building. 'The Reno' as locals call it, opened it's doors in 1950. From the late '70's - Early '90's Geno Mumy took over. In 1993 the bar was purchased by current owner, Mark Stropko. Mark has been at the helm of the Reno Room for more than 20 years.

'The World Famous Reno Room' is often mentioned in architectural magazines and websites for its classic Art Deco external brick work. It is a pristine example of Masonic work of that era.

The Deco masonry is not to be outdone by the classic 1950’s “Reno Room” neon sign that serves as the crown jewel to this neighborhood ‘Dive Bar’ gem.

The Reno Room is open daily from 6am to 2am.


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